A Basic and Detailed Guide to Playing Bingo

Jun 16, 2022 Casino

Bingo is a favourite game in casinos around the world, including Australia, due largely to the easy to understand rules that anyone can immediately grasp. Simply, players are given a card on which a grid of numbers is printed, or, in modern times, a digital card is sent to the player.

This grid consists of five by five squares, with each square designated a number. Numbers are then selected at random, either via a mechanical device, or random digital number selector. If a called numbers appears on the player’s grid, it is marked off.

When a line of five marked spaces on the player’s grid is achieved, that player is the winner. It is traditional for that player to yell out the word bingo! This is the basic concept for those learning how to play bingo. Note that in virtual or online casinos, the numbers simply have to be clicked or touched to be marked.

Which Lines Equals Winning

The winning line of marked squares in bingo may be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Each square must be sequential, with no spaces between, and extend from one end of the card to the other. In some casino versions of bingo, both online and real world, a free square is granted to the player, sometimes at random, other times in the centre of the grid.

This free square counts as an already marked space, allowing for a greater chance to make a series of five. Hence, only four consecutive squares may be marked, with the free space counting as already marked. Those learning how to play bingo may note that the minimum amount of numbers called before a definite win is five in traditional bingo, or four if a free square have been granted.

Free Squares and Bonuses

In some versions of online and real world bingo, the amount of free squares given may be greater than one, with some bingo games granting as many as three free squares. This allows for quicker play, and a higher chance of winning. Other variations of bingo offered include bonus or prize squares, that, if falling in the sequence of numbers marked, and counting as the fifth square, grant the player a special large payout, or bonus prize, often of considerable value.

The bonus and free squares vary from casino to casino, and which games are offered at the establishment. Types of bingo may also vary in other ways. Some variations of the game even have larger grids, going beyond the standard five by five grid. In these cases, regardless of the size of grid, those learning how to play bingo should note; the general rule is always five marked squares in a row meaning a win.

Payouts for Winning Bingo

When learning how to play bingo, keep in mind that it is considered a no skills game, which simply means that a win is determined completely by random chance, with no action by the player increasing the odds of getting paid out. The amount paid out to a winner varies, depending on the casino and the various bonuses offered. Those learning how to play bingo may even participate in the free versions offered by many online casinos, which are solely for fun, and offering no cash prizes.