A Glance at Free Roulette Online Casino Game

Jun 16, 2022 Casino

Made popular by movies, and among the most widely recognised gambling games across the globe, there is hardly an Australian alive who is not familiar with the timeless game of roulette. Simply predict in which pocket the ball will land and you can win big. Plus, with its flashy presentation and odds of wining that are much higher then other casino games, it is easily accessible to anyone. But, what if you would like to play simply for the excitement, without the potential to loose real money? Thankfully, in the modern world of digital technology, you can do just that by simply playing online.

How to Bet on Roulette

Roulette, both free and real money, has simple rules that anyone can immediately understand. The pockets are numbered, and divided into red and black. You may, for example, bet on the specific pocket the ball will land in, although this is considered a very high risk wager. Alternatively, you may bet on whether the pocket will be red or black. Keep in mind, however, that a roulette wheel has a zero pocket, which is not assigned a colour. Or, in the American Roulette version, two zero pockets. These zero pockets represent the house advantage, or statistical chance that the house will almost always win. Keep this in mind when placing a bet, even if the version you’re playing is free roulette.

Where to Play Free Roulette

There are thousands of online casinos that offer free roulette for Australian players. It is simply a matter of creating an account and getting started. In order to find an online casino, simply do a search via a search engine, and the options will be virtually limitless. Keep in mind that some online casinos require the player to download a small program, or application, to their device. These programs are not harmful in any way, but some players prefer to avoid the download.

Download an Application or Play via Flash

A program known as Flash is often used to stream website games directly to an Internet browser. You may need to download Flash to play free roulette. But don’t be concerned; Flash is a free program that can be installed in a matter of seconds. If you don’t mind downloading an application, it generally offers more options, more customisation, and a stable playing experience that has less chance of a dropped connection. Whichever you prefer, free roulette is easy when you are playing at https://mobilepokies.net.nz/review/ruby-fortune/, and accessible in just seconds of time.

Bonuses and Special Features for Free Roulette

Depending on where you decide to play, the virtual casino may offer a huge variety of bonuses and special features, all of which aim to make the game more interesting and exiting. Some of these special features even tweak the rules of classic roulette, creating an entirely new playing experience. Explore for yourself and see which version of the game you most prefer. Although, of course, free classic roulette is also offered, for those who prefer the game as it was originally intended.