Adopting A Mastery Approach To Betting

Feb 8, 2023 Betting

The importance of adopting a mastery approach to betting on sports – much like a learner in any particular field of study would a specific topic or subject – cannot be overstated. In fact, adopting the right mindset and approach is probably the most important step toward achieving success in just about anything we decide to pursue. The subject or goal may differ – but the key to achieving a positive outcome remains the same: the correct approach.

Adopting a mastery approach within the context of AFL Grand Final betting and achieving long-term success can be broken down into a few key concepts.

There Are No Losses–Only Lessons

It’s unfortunate but true: even bets considered good bets can take a turn for the worst. This is simply because no matter how hard we try, and how elaborate our research or strategy, we cannot possibly control every little detail or circumstance revolving around every single bet.

The trick is to learn how to identify cause. By this we simply mean learning how to tell the difference between a loss caused by an unexpected set of circumstances beyond our control, and a loss resulting from our own mistake or incorrect analysis of a situation.

Be Ready To Take Responsibility

Never in history has playing the blame game ever resulted in success and a positive outcome.

Failing to take responsibility for good as well as bad bets will only lead to even more losses and fewer wins. Failing to take responsibility for poor betting decisions is practically the same as a refusal to learn from your mistakes – and won’t get you anywhere. A much better approach would be to try and determine what exactly went wrong so as to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again in the future.

Focus On Odds – Not Winners

Choosing an outright winner isn’t the sole prerequisite for achieving a winning result. Instead of becoming obsessed with always getting it right in terms of win/lose results, rather focus on creating value by focusing on the highest odds.

Cultivate Healthy Betting Habits

Bad habits are perfectly easy to develop. So much so, that not even professional punters many years already in the game are immune. The difference between success and failure, however, is an awareness of what exactly those bad habits are, a willingness to take responsibility for those habits, and actually doing something about cultivating better ones.

Common examples of unhealthy habits include:

  • Betting mindlessly and without any specific goal in sight. Achieving sports betting success requires of the punter to know what it is they’re working towards. Throwing money at a bookmaker without knowing what it is that you’d like to achieve is a useless exercise.
  • Getting too comfortable. Also known as cutting corners, wanting money in return for no effort at all, etc. People often fall into the trap of becoming complacent once they start showing a regular profit. Trying to cut corners to save time and effort will only lead to poor decisions and bad results.
  • Chasing losses. Hoping to win back all the money you’ve ever lost with a single “sure-fire” bet is very rarely a good idea.