Ambiance Online Slot Basics in Detail for Players

Aug 12, 2021 Casino
Ambiance Online Slot Basics

The Ambiance slot game was developed by iSoftBet, and is of a standard that players have come to expect from this developer. While the appearance of the game is quite simple, this might appeal to many players, and still offers the winning opportunities that all players are looking for.

Ambiance slots have 5 reels, and a total of 20 different paylines. It does include a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, which work in a fairly standard manner. There are no multipliers in this specific game. One appealing feature of this slots game, particularly for new players, is that the coin value can be set quite low. The minimum coin size is 0.01, while the maximum coin size is 0.5. Only 1 coin can be bet per payline. Players will also be able to access free spins while playing this game.

Calm Playing Experience with Ambiance Slots

The basic appearance of the Ambiance game matches up quite nicely with its name. The background is dark, while all symbols are glowing in a range of bright neon colors. Symbols that players will immediately notice include a 10, Jack, Queen and King.

There are also music note symbols, all of which result in different payouts if you are able to get combinations of these. One of the biggest appeals is the interesting background music and sound effects that players will experience as they discover all that the casino game has to offer. Tiny glowing bubbles are also emitted from the treble clef symbol that is situated at the bottom of the game interface.

While most slots games focus on being bright, loud and exciting, this particular slots game has more of a calming effect. For players looking for a slightly different playing experience, it may be worthwhile to try out this online slots game.

Experiencing Ambiance Slots

Ambiance Slots Winning Amounts

Like in many pokies online NZ, to win when playing Ambiance online slots, players must attempt to land three or more symbols consecutively from left to right on a single win line. This must start from the leftmost reel of the game. Look out for the green three notes symbol, as this is the highest paying symbol in the game. If you are able to land 5 of these symbols in a row, the game will payout 5,000 coins.

The next best symbol is the double note yellow symbol, which has a maximum payout of 2,500 coins. By referring to the paytable, you will be able to see that the demisemiquaver, the semiquaver, and the quaver symbols payout 1000 coins, 400 coins, and 300 coins respectively, if you are able to get 5 of these symbols to appear in a row. For details on what all the other symbol combinations pay out, the best option is to refer to the paytable that forms part of the game.

In Ambiance slots, the wild symbol is a swirling color symbol. The wild symbol will substitute for any other game symbol except for the scatter symbol or the treble clef symbol in this case. Players should try to land at least three treble clef symbols on the reel to win some interesting prizes.