An Exclusive Guide to Placing Dota 2 Bets Online

Aug 26, 2021 Betting

Dota 2 is an extremely popular ESport, drawing more fans from around the world than any other ESport currently played. It is a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena.

This is apposed to a FPS, first person shooter, or RTS, real time strategy. In a MOBA player teams go head to head in a fixed space area, doing battle, and ultimately gaining ground, to determine the ultimate winning team.

Note that matches in Dota 2 are often a great deal longer than those in FPS eSports, and can last anywhere up to over an hour, although the average length of a match is 20 minutes.

It has recently become very popular for New Zealand Dota 2 fans to partake in placing Dota 2 bets. Professionally played and sponsored Dota 2 games are watched by millions around the world, and so bet making has become equally popular. The majority of online bookmakers in New Zealand offer Dota 2 betting options, making the process of pacing Dota 2 bets extremely quick and convenient. In order to see available betting options now, simply surf to you favourite online bookmaker and navigate to the eSports section.

Betting Odds Explained

When placing Dota 2 bets it is important to understand the conditions under which a bet is being accepted. Factors such as odds play a huge part in not only how much cash will be paid out of the bet is successful, but also in understanding how likely a bet is to succeed. Competing Dota 2 teams will be assigned odds by the bookmaker, and will appear as something like 1/2. A team that has been given 1/2 odds is seen as likely to win the game, hence the odds are low.

If betting on low odds, it means that the payout if succeeding will be minimal. This is because the team was already seen as likely to win, and so the bet was low risk. It is far more profitable to bet on a team that has high odds, such as 1/10. This team is seen at as less likely to win, and so is a high risk bet. High risks bets always pay out a great deal more than low risk bets. An underdog team with less chance to win is, therefore, a much more profitable bet to make, but is less likely to win.

Factors to Consider

So how can it be known if an underdog team is going to succeed when they are seen as less likely to win? It is important when placing Dota 2 bets to research teams, keep up to date with latest information, and carefully consider a teams performance levels.

Perhaps a team that has been beaten repeatedly has been called an underdog, but the team has been playing out of their league. Their next opponent is not as good as their previous opponents, but the team has still been given high odds due to their performance record. The team is still seen as an underdog, but now has a chance to win. This is the right time to take an underdog bet.