An Exclusive Introduction to Cool Jewels Slot

Sep 29, 2021 Casino

With the advent of social media, and the amount of time that people spend on it, it is not surprising that online games designed to be played via social media have become popular as well. We all know those games that involve crushing candies or fruits or jewels. WMS have noted the popularity of these games and have designed an online slot around the same base principle. Welcome to Cool Jewels.

Cool Jewels has six reels and no paylines. It does not need paylines as it works very similarly to the crushing candies game. The idea behind it is built on the bones of a slot, the reels spin but all six reels with all six rows are always in play. On the left of the reels is a meter that shows the pay per symbol. Total bets in Cool Jewels go from 0.50 all the way up to 200, making this online slots game a great one for all budgets. This is a totally new and fresh take on online slots, and should appeal to pretty much anyone who is bored with the same old spinning reels.

Sparkly Graphics

Cool Jewels is a very modern game, and all the graphics in it reflect this. They are on par with social media mobile games and work very well on either a desktop or a mobile device. It is a very pretty game to look at, full of blues and pretty colours. The jewels themselves are brightly coloured and all set in an icy backdrop. Cool Jewels is animated as well, with each winning combination being zapped off the screen by a neon green flash. The soundtrack is somewhat vague, with sparkly noises and a voice over that has been synthesised to within an inch of its life.

Cascading Reels

Like some online casino slot machines at, Cool Jewels has a cascading reels system whereby the symbols that form a combo of four or more disappear and get replaced by more symbols that can form more combinations. This is the essence of the game, and also drives the value meter on the left hand side of the reels.

All Jewel Symbols

All the symbols in Cool Jewels are not surprisingly jewels. There are many different colours and shapes and are all worth the same amount of coins. You don’t have to line things up from left to right in Cool Jewels, simply get the same jewel next to each other to form combinations that result in the jewels imploding and winning you coins.

Three Wilds

There are three kinds of wilds in Cool Jewels each with a different function.  A shocking wild, and exploding wild, and a blasting wild all destroy symbols in different positions in relation to the wilds. If a combination is formed with more than one kind of wild, extra bonuses will occur. When this happens the wilds will leave trails of blue, green or pink squares on the reels which will offer extra prize winning opportunities. If two matching wilds form a part of a winning combination, they will remain on the reels and active until they reach the bottom.

Cool Jewels Free Spins

The free spins in Cool Jewels are triggered by the games logo. These have to be destroyed in an explosion and not matched on the reels like in most games. Four to seven logos will give you a dependant amount of free spins. Each subsequent logo grants an extra five spins.