Cleo Online Slot at a Glance for Players

Sep 12, 2021 Casino

The Cleo slot game is progressive jackpot online game created by Cryptologic. It features a theme based around the infamous queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, and the developers have done a decent job bringing this mysterious lady to life. The beautiful woman features prominently on the reels, staring out at the player with an expression that can only be described as erotic contemplation.

The animation quality of the game is, however, not as good as the visuals, and it is a little disappointing to see Cleopatra lurching with awkward movements upon being matched. In terms of game play the Cleo slot game features a five reel, nine betting line system, with the player able to manually adjust the betting lines as they see fit. This betting line functionality, combined with the progressive jackpot bonus system, makes the Cleo slot game a fun and interesting slot game experience. Play it now for yourself on PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Egyptian Symbols in Detail

Ancient Egypt has been a common theme for slots games since the infamous Queen of the Nile game, which revolutionised slot games many years ago. The Cleo slot game is another that makes great use of the theme, with many recognisable and iconic Egyptian symbols on display.

The most valuable symbol in the game is the classic pharaoh’s head, which will payout a great deal if matched with itself the maximum of five times. Upon being matched three times the payout is a great deal less, and the player will want to aim for those five symbol matches as much as possible. The second most valuable symbols are the eye of Ra and the Anubis figure, which will always be welcome on the reels, although don’t hold a candle to the value of the pharaoh’s head.

Next on the list are the ankh and the ace, which are the least valuable main picture symbols. The least valuable symbols are the ten, jack, queen and king of playing cards, which are disappointingly not even Egyptian themed.

Cleo Slot Game Jackpots

One can expect the Cleo slot game to have a focus on the titular lady, and players will not be disappointed. If the Cleopatra symbol is matched a total of five times, the progressive jackpot is awarded. This is a life changing sum of money, and enough to make Cleopatra everyone’s best friend. She will also pay a good sum I matched four or three times.

The other symbol to look out for in the Cleo slot game is the pyramid scatter symbol, recognisable by the camel silhouette in the foreground. Upon being matched at least three times the scatter symbol instantly grants a number of free spins, which will play out automatically like in some other internet based slots. Note that during the free spins, if the pyramids are matched again, further free spins will be added to those already existing. This means that lucky players may rake in a huge amount of cash if the scatter symbols keep matching. Keep in mind, however, that the progressive jackpot is not possible during a free spins sequence, and is only possible in the main game.