Great Drinks Ideas for a Casino Themed Party

Nov 14, 2022 Casino
Casino Party Drink Ideas

Drinks are a big part of any party, especially if it’s a casino themed bash! These great ideas are designed to be paired with specific games to really create an authentic ambience.

Dry Martini- Baccarat

James Bond drinks his Martinis shaken not stirred while playing Baccarat, and so can you! This drink is the ultimate in stylish sophistication, and if you want to look and act the part you need to be sipping on a dry martini with an olive at the bottom. For added flair you can pop a few olives on a cocktail stick and garnish your drinks in style.

Gin & Tonic – Blackjack

Not quite as sophisticated as Baccarat but not as casual as Poker, Blackjack is the perfect in betweener. It goes well with a G ’n T too, and you can sip from a tumbler or a tall glass as you play. Be warned though, just like G ’n T can be an acquired taste, Blackjack is a game of skill and strategy, and you may want to spend some time playing online blackjack before you challenge your friends to a hand or two.

Gin & Tonic Drink

Whiskey on the Rocks – Poker

An easy party drink that just about everyone loves; Whiskey on the rocks is the perfect accompaniment to a hand of Poker. Strong enough to sip on but smooth enough to ensure you don’t knock it back and you actually savour it; Whiskey and Poker go hand in hand.

Beer – Video Poker

If you’ve rented a few Video Poker machines for a real casino style party, then beer is the perfect drink to serve alongside it. Beer and Video Poker goes well together, partly because you’ll often find the machines on a bar, but also because it easy to swig while you contemplate which cards to hold on to, and which to discard. Plus, as a host you can’t go wrong with beer and it is incredibly easy to serve, and if you’re lucky, no one wants a glass, so there’s no washing up either!

Roulette – Long Island Iced Tea

Now we’re getting fancy! If you’ve got your hands on a Roulette wheel and are ready to impress your friends, you need to serve up Long island Iced Teas to go with it. They are actually quite easy to make, taste amazing, and just like the game of Roulette; they are loads of fun too. You can choose to mix them with Coke, or for an added kick us an energy drink like Red Bull.

Margarita – Bingo

Fast and fun, Bingo is a great party game and can even be used as an icebreaker. Paired with a classic or frozen margarita, it goes down smoothly and it’s sure to be a hit with your friends too. You can even theme your bingo cards around the drink, or you can pour out shots for the winners!