Having a Quick Look at Jenga Online Slot

Oct 14, 2021 Casino

The Jenga slot machine game, created by Cryptologic is a unique take on traditional slots, offering an innovative gambling system that is not seen in similar casino slot machines. Featuring excellent graphics, dazzling effects, and an exclusive soundtrack, this game should be tried by every veteran or casual slot machine player at least once. As apposed to the reels and tiles of other games, Jenga uses a stack of Jenga blocks, from the popular real world game. Players must select how many rows to bet on, with more rows meaning a larger upfront wager, and hope that same coloured blocks land beside one another.

This game is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, laptops and home computers.

User Interface and Controls

The Jenga slot machine game has simple controls, with just a bet max and play button. The bet max button raises the bet to the maximum allowed amount, and play button starts the round. The autoplay button, on the left, will trigger an automatic sequence of plays, with no input required from the player. You may select how many automatic rounds you would like to play out via the up and down arrows. The playtable button, located below this, will give more detailed information on the rules of the game, and how the line system works.

Match Blocks to Win

In the Jenga slot machine game the player wins by having same coloured blocks match. At the beginning of each round, blocks fall from the top of the screen and land at random, forming a Jenga tower. If same coloured blocks are beside one another, they disappear, granting payouts based on how many block match per round. If a full row is removed, new blocks fall from the top of the screen, granting new opportunities to form matches. The more blocks matched, the greater the payout, with the potential to eventually have so many blocks removed that the tower falls. A new tower is formed for each round, with new blocks in random locations.

Bet on One Line or Many

Matching blocks will only disappear and grant payouts if the line the blocks appear on has been unlocked. A total of eighteen lines may be bet on in total. To play on all lines, raise the initial wager at the start of the round. Keep in mind though, that betting on more lines means a great starting bet, which increases the risk of losing should no matches form. It is always better to bet on all lines however, as the overall chances of winning increase dramatically.

Special Blocks

In the Jenga slot machine game, the player will occasionally be given a special block, which, when triggered, will blow up and remove an entire line of blocks. This will trigger more block to fall from the top of the screen and be added to the top. Special blocks are given at random, and although rare, should always be a welcome sight to the player.