More Details about Wild Gambler Online Slot

Nov 4, 2021 Casino

Wild Gambler is an online slot game created by Ash Gaming. It is an interesting and remarkable game for many reasons, the most prominent being that it is one of very few games that allow the player to add and remove wild symbols at will. This may sound like science fiction, but there is no two ways about it; by simply clicking any symbol in the play area, a wild symbol may instantly be added, locked in place, and used as a normal wild symbol would.

Another reason that the game is outstanding is its highly entertaining theme; the African savannah. Much effort has clearly been put into is this theme, with expertly realised symbol designs that include roaring lions, mischievous meerkats, and flirty flamingos. The sound design, making one feel instantly as if they have been transported to Africa, is likewise impressive, making Wild Gambler a slot game that every online should try at least once. The game is available to play on desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

African Themed Symbols

When one thinks of Africa, there are a few animals that automatically spring to mind. Wild Gambler has just about all of these animals, each brought to life in a somewhat cartoon-sh, but still convincing art style. The lion is, of course, the most valuable symbol in the game, and plays a dual role as both most valuable symbol, and wild symbol.

The second most valuable symbol is the rhinoceros, pictured as a plucky animal that clearly takes no nonsense from anyone. The third most valuable, and favourite of many animal enthusiasts, is the cheetah. These picture symbols are used alongside the traditional playing card numbers, including ten, jack, queen, king and ace in the game and these card icons are also added into many slots at Note that all play symbols except the lion may be matched with themselves a minimum of three times, and maximum of five times. The lion may be matched only five times, but his value is so high that a five times match will surely put a smile on the face of any savannah explorer.

Free Wild Symbol Selection

As already mentioned, Wild Gambler allows the player to freely add wild symbols as they choose. By simply clicking a symbol in the play area a wild symbol, the lion, will be added. By then clicking the lock and spin button these wild symbols will be used in the game, granting wins exactly as one would expect. The trick is, of course, that adding a wild symbol is a very expensive business.

Wins will almost certainly be granted, but the question is will the wins outweigh the cost of adding the wild in the first place? It is an interesting tactical endeavour that few other slot games offer. It is suggested that one use the wild symbols sparingly, and not get carried away with the freedom. The game is, however, excellent at communicating how much is spent on each spin, and how much is won, ensuring that things never get out of hand. A player is therefore encouraged to experiment as they choose, which is certainly a great deal of fun.