Taking a Look at Organising a Kings and Queens Casino Party

Nov 14, 2022 Casino
Kings and Queens Casino Party

One of the greatest advantages to throwing a casino themed party is that almost anything goes and it’s perfect for any occasion. Thanks to the popularity of casino themed parties it’s also very easy to find the perfect décor as most party shops will have a wide range to choose from and fancy dress shops will also have a wide range of outfits. If you’re keen on throwing a casino theme party with a twist, then we suggest giving our ‘Kings and Queens’ party a go, as your guests will definitely feel like royalty for the night!

The Invitations

Your guest’s first impression of your party is the invitation and you want to make it clear that it’s going to be a night to remember. Each invitation could be adorned with a crown and gold filigree to give it a royal feeling, and make sure your guests know that it’s a Kings and Queens casino themed party for which they must dress the part. You could also style the invitations as oversized playing cards – Kings for the gents and Queens for the ladies.

Providing the Royal Treatment

If your budget allows for it, you can really give your guests the royal treatment. You could get a red carpet leading up to your front door, have a doorman open up for them and take their coats, a smartly dressed waitron to offer them welcome cocktails or champagne, and tray-wielding servers walking around the venue offering them canapes or finger foods. If you’re wondering what do you with your guests to keep them entertained for the evening, you could do a sit down dinner, play casino games such as your favourites, or have a DJ to provide musical entertainment.

Planning for Casino Party

Décor Ideas

Décor is where your party is really going to shine! If you’re using your own home as the venue, like the space at https://onlinebingosweden.co/ website for various options, make as much space as possible for casino games, dancing, and also a comfy area for guests to relax if they get tired from boogying the night away, or to take a time out from a big ‘win’ at the offered casino games. Since your theme is Kings and Queens, you could go the ‘Queen of Hearts’ route inspired by Alice in Wonderland, or you could do a straight up playing card theme.

Food Ideas

Casino parties are always a great time to break out whimsical snack ideas and, depending on the budget, you can either make it super fancy or simply quirky. If you’re not sure that your guests will enjoy finger foods and canapes, feel free to arrange a proper sit-down meal. However, we don’t suggest attempting to cook all the food yourself as you’ll have plenty to arrange, so rather have a sit-down meal catered. The tables can also be beautifully made up for a sit-down dinner with black tablecloths and sparkling silverware and crystal glasses.

Kings and Queens Outfits

While one can only hope that your guests will take this opportunity to enjoy a fun fancy dress party, it’s up to you as the host to have an outfit that will blow your guests away! Go to a good quality fancy dress shop well in advance to book an outfit, purchase something online, or go all out and have an outfit made specifically for you. You should also feel like royalty for the evening, and not save all the spoils for your guests!