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Oct 14, 2021 Casino

Roulette games are very popular at both online casinos and their brick-and-mortar counterparts, and the name is a French one, which refers to the wheel which governs the outcome: “roulette” means “little wheel”.

Players choose to lay bets on either single number outcomes; a group of numbers; the colours black or red (for the alternating coloured pockets on the little wheel); or whether the number on which the ball lands will be even or odd.

The winning number and colour is determined by the wheel being set spinning in one direction, and a ball then set in the opposite direction. The ball is spun around the titled round track around the perimeter of the wheel, and when momentum is lost it will fall into one of the 37, if European/French roulette games are being played, or 38, if the American version is being enjoyed, alternating coloured pockets that make up the wheel.

The History of Roulette Games

The first roulette games were being played in 18th century France, as a result of Blaise Pascal’s search for a perpetual motion machine. An early description of it has been found in “La Roulette, ou le Jour”, a French Novel by Jacques Lablee, which describes it in the Paris Palais-Royal of 1796, although the book itself was published in 1801.

An earlier reference to a game sharing this name was in print in a set of regulations for Quebec, or New France, in 1758, wherein the games of “dice, hoca, faro and roulette” were banned.

The wheels used for the roulette games found in Paris’ casinos in the late 1700s had the colour red for the single-zero pocket and the colour black for the double-zero. In order to avoid misunderstandings, however, the colour green was eventually selected for both the zero pockets on the wheels in use in the 1800s.

In the year 1843 Bad Homburg, a German spa/casino town, saw Louis and Francois Blanc introduce the single zero roulette wheel in order to compete with the casinos offering the wheel that featured both the single- and double-zero pockets.

Free Vs Real Money Online Roulette Games

Players who are interested in playing games but do not want to start betting before they have brushed up on their knowledge and skill for the game are able to enjoy multiple free versions online like at until they feel confident enough to take on the house in the form of real money bets.

These games are provided in both instant-play and download casino packages, and can even be enjoyed with a live dealer when the time comes, with games with real people on the other side of the roulette wheel provided by means of webcam for players around the world.

The free roulette games will usually work in a very similar fashion to the ones that make use of real money wagers: players are asked to select the chips to represent the amount which they would like to bet for the round.

Clicking on the virtual table will place these bets on the number which the player has selected, with all of the numbers being an option, as well as odd-even bets and number ranges. Once this has been done, simply selecting the spin button will set the wheel in motion and the ball will bounce along it, eventually coming to rest in a pocket that will determine the outcome.