Taking a Look at Fishy Fortune Online Slot

Sep 8, 2021 Casino

Time to adjourn to the watery depths with this Fishy Fortune online slot game and all the various water based features this entails.

Always one to commit to a theme choice, developers NetEnt have done quite a job with this slot’s underwater atmosphere and overall presence. The graphics involved are of a comprehensible level and also adopt a rather cartooned style to them, making the animations and imagery that follows appear rather fun and light of nature. Overall players can’t expect too much from this rather quaint slot theme but a bit of good and entertaining spinning amidst a rather light atmosphere.

Swimming passed the watery styled theme on display players will encounter a rather standard set of 5 reels, with a themed border and 10 pay lines running across, capable of being adjusted. Along with the adjustable lines the betting options at hand can be quite effective at allowing ranges of players a gaming chance on these watery reels. This Fishy Fortune slot game does also have a few more exciting aspects to it once players get passed the setup and into the gaming, including the likes of free spins, a Wild symbol and even a progressive jackpot which of course can keep on growing until someone claims it.

The Water Based Theme of This Slot

Water themes have been a very common aspect of slot gaming for pretty much as long as the industry has been around. This began when the blue from this theme was the easiest and most cost effective way of creating a slight atmosphere on the reels of old slot machines and from there the tradition largely stuck. As the technologies of the world have grown since, the themes of these water based slot games have obviously gotten better and more involved, like this Fishy Fortune slot game too. NetEnt have imbue this slot with a cartoon style and undertone as well making it light of atmosphere as well as not too hard on graphical requirements from the players end.

With themes such as these the symbols tend to play crucial roles in the whole setup, meaning that they often look quite attractive to add as much as possible to the theme being created. With Fishy Fortune these symbols include various personified fish and sea life, including octopus, clown fish, and even an angry looking angler fish. Even the playing card symbols have been styled to the theme in question and as such further add to the atmosphere setup.

Bubbling Bonuses Beneath the Big Blue

All the best slot games have one thing in common, a good couple of carefully chosen bonus features that complement the base game as opposed to overshadowing it. With this Fishy Fortune slot game from NetEnt the features and bonuses add something very tangible to the experience and allow for some winning opportunities. This comes largely in the form of this game’s progressive jackpot but can be aided through the free spins feature as well as the Wild symbol involved which can afford a few extra wins on the reels.