Terminator 2 Online Slot Basics for Players

Nov 4, 2021 Casino

While motion picture themed slots generally feature the same movie across their reels, turning premier blockbuster films into b-rate movies with the same type of game available from numerous developers, what makes an overused movie theme into something VIP? One such gaming developer by the name of Microgaming takes the well-known Terminator 2 movie and spins its cinematic reels in a unique fashion to create for something never before seen or played.

While the similarities with other slots of the same theme may start with the same characters, this is where the similarities pretty much end. By design, these character symbols may look the same, but Microgaming’s animations and virtual paint brush and detailed eye bring the characters more to life, jumping in fast action out of the screen.

243 Ways to Win on Five Reels

This low-risk, high-reward online slot machine provides non-stop winning action with 243 ways to win, with pay line non-existent here. To better player’s chances of winning even more so, during the slot’s free spins game, 243 ways increases to a whopping 1024 ways to boost player’s bankrolls.

For slot players who have only ever tried out slot machines of 25 pay lines or less, it is important to note that symbols do not land on specific pay lines but rather will feature on adjacent reels from the left side of the grid to the right side. However, for those not familiar with this multiple winning system, the in-game pay table provides easy-to-recognise symbol combinations and their respective pay-out. Instructions and gaming information is also provided on Terminator 2 slot for the use of wanting slot players.

Reel Symbols to Look out for

If you have seen the movie many times as any die-hard terminator would have done so, symbols would be easy to recognise. However, for slot fans not in the know of all that is terminator a brief list of the reels symbols within the game is featured here.

The symbols in slots range from low level to high level at https://canadiancasinosites.org/mac. Characters jumping straight out of the Terminator 2 movie script and onto the reels of this pokies game include Sarah Connor and John Connor, T-800 and the famous Terminator himself. While the name of these symbols may seem foreign to some players, with no idea as to what the aforementioned symbols look like, it’s helpful to note that these symbols are either human beings or robots, or something in between.

Bonus Games to Raise Adrenaline

Not only does this classic science fiction film create action-filled adventure by itself, but the fun bonus games available on the Terminator 2 online slot definitely raises player’s adrenaline with every intense spin of the reels.

Bonus Symbols Explored

No movie buster online slot game would be complete without the bonus reel symbols adding to explosive in-game action. The T2 symbol takes the role of the wild and bringing with it a multiplier of 1 500 if five burst onto the reels together. Five of the scatter symbols on the reels at one time will see the pay-out multiplied by an amazing 3 000 times.

While five is the ultimate number for symbols on the reels, three of the scatter symbol will still find rewards given out in abundance. Three scatter symbols trigger the fun free spins game on the Terminator 2 slot.