Throwing The Perfect Casino Party With Technology

Nov 14, 2022 Casino

Technology has no doubt made our lives easier in more ways than we ever thought imaginable, but we tend to think that most tech revolves around our smartphones or computers. The truth, however, is that almost every aspect of our lives can be improved using technology, and one such aspect is home parties.

From creating wireless sound systems to the perfect lighting, these are the best gadgets for creating the perfect home-based casino celebration.

Hue Lighting

Hue light bulbs are high quality LED strips that can be completely controlled through your home’s Wi-Fi. They can be placed anywhere throughout the venue area, and thanks to control through an app, their brightness and colour can be changed at any time. This means they’re perfect for setting different atmospheres during the party, and possibly changing different themes throughout the night.

Bluetooth Speakers

Setting up a speaker system in the house can be a chore, especially when there are a million wires to fiddle with before it starts working properly. One way around this is to invest in a high quality set of Bluetooth speakers. These speakers require no wiring, often to the point where many only need batteries to run. Not only does this make them easier to place in the room, but without any wires they become portable, meaning that the music can follow the party wherever it goes, even if it’s outside.

Camera Printer

The Instax Camera Printer is a small, compact printer that has a part of just about any smartphone size available. The simple yet powerful device will allow you to plug your smartphone directly in and begin to print pictures on the spot. This is perfect for creating long-lasting memories of your parties that you can send with your friends and guests after the night has come to a close.

Bar Notes

Bar Notes is an extremely helpful app that can be found on both iPhones and Androids, and gives you instant access to a huge range of different cocktails. This is the perfect way to make professional-level drinks for your guests while also allowing you to trade ideas with other users of the app, and even to make up an entirely new cocktail of your own.


Similar in many ways to Bar Notes, Kitchit is a great way to create the perfect meal for your guests.  Here, you pay a professional to create the food for you, and you get to choose the menu and the chef involved. This gives you plenty of time to catch up on your favourite show or enjoy a few games while you wait for the food to arrive – which will be cooked by a master and will impress all your guests.


One of the secrets behind making great food at home is by watching the temperature, but this means having to get up every few minutes to check. The iGrill device will monitor your food for you and send an alert when the right temperature has been met.